The One Thing Your Child Needs From You

“I don’t think anyone can grow unless he’s loved exactly as he is now, appreciated for what he is rather than what he will be.” — Mister Rogers

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

“I Love YOU”

Your child needs to know that your love for them does not depend on anything other than who they are inside. It doesn’t matter what they wear. It doesn’t matter how they talk. It doesn’t matter what they accomplish or what mistakes they make. You love them.

What Is Your Reaction When They Walk In The Room?

When they walk into your room in the early morning do you smile? When they come down the stairs on their way to school, do you criticize their outfit?

What Do You Do When They Face Challenges?

When they fail a math test, do you criticize them for not trying hard enough? If they lose a basketball game, do you put your arm around them and say how proud you are of their efforts?

What Do You Do When They Make A Mistake?

If your child spills their juice all over the floor, do you immediately remind them how clumsy they are? If they get in an accident, are you grateful that they’re okay or are you mad about the car?

How Do You Respond To Their Feelings?

When your child cries after falling down, do you yell at them to stop crying? When your child is mad, do you help them understand why they feel frustrated?

Conclusion: Show Them You Love Them

Obviously there’s no such thing as a perfect parent. You will make mistakes and lose your temper. But the important thing is to show your child that they are worth loving. Even when they fall short in life or have different goals than you. Show your child that they matter to you now and always will.

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