One Simple Way to Feel Like A New Person

New year, new you.

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Simple and Easy Daily Practices

These practices are small and inexpensive. But they can still be novel enough to create change. Personally, I am always reading a new book. And this has proved to be a sure way sparks new feelings and thoughts. Each book I finish inspires me to interact with my world differently.

A Little More Time and Resources

If you have a little more time and resources available, this list will really help you see more novelty in your life. They are still accessible. But if done consistently, they can have a big effect on your life.

Big Experiences For Big Change

This list requires more commitment. But everything on it will dramatically change who you are. The items on this list force a lot of novelty at one time. And this is one of the quickest ways to start feeling like a new person.

Conclusion: Create New Feelings, Create a New Life

Adding more novelty to your life will create the change you need. The bigger the novelty, the bigger its effects. Your main goal is to change your feelings. Then everything else will follow.

Navigating adult life and writing about what I learn. My focuses are personal development, relationships, parenting, and writing.

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