How to Set Boundaries In Your Relationship

Boundaries? In a relationship? That doesn’t make sense. I love this person. And because I love them, there shouldn’t be any boundaries between us…right?

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1. Why Are Boundaries Important?

We nurture our relationships by giving of ourselves to others. We share our time, energy, talents, space, resources, and affection with those we love. And they do the same for us.

2. Types of Boundaries

There are three types of boundaries: healthy, rigid, and weak. Which type of boundaries do you currently use in your relationship?

3. Identify Your Boundaries

Having strong self-awareness is how you identify your boundaries. But sometimes it can be challenging to even know what your boundaries are.

4. Establish Your Boundaries

This may be the part that sparks the most fear or makes you the most uncomfortable. But remind yourself (and your partner) that boundaries support your relationship and make it stronger. Remember, strong boundaries create strong connection. Which is important for a healthy relationship.

5. Stick To Your Boundaries

Once you have established a boundary with your partner, you need to stick to it. This means holding your partner accountable if they disrespect a boundary.


People often trade their boundaries for love or approval. They are afraid that they will lose important relationships if they set boundaries. However, you begin to lose yourself when you forfeit important boundaries. Your boundaries allow you to nurture your partner while nurturing yourself. And a partner who truly loves you will want to respect your boundaries.

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