How To Find Yourself Again After Motherhood

If you want your kids to chase their dreams, then you need to chase yours.

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

Higher Standards for Women

The standards and goals for women have changed significantly. Women have more opportunities now than ever before. And many of us are chasing and achieving our dreams. All while balancing a family.

Motherhood Causes You To Lose Yourself

So we start to lose pieces of ourselves to accommodate for these conflicting yet demanding standards. Maybe we let go of a friendship here and there. Maybe we spend less time doing that hobby we love. Maybe it’s okay if we skip the gym this week…again. Maybe we’ll stop working towards our degree, at least until the kids get older.

Make Yourself a Priority

Mothers are often the most selfless people. They would give up everything for their families. And they often do.

Discover Who You Are

Once you’ve gotten a handle on prioritizing yourself, you can begin to discover who you are.

Conclusion: You Can Find Yourself Again

Motherhood comes with many positives, like helping your family learn and grow and building life-long relationships with them. However, it can be hard to appreciate these benefits when you are constantly feeling down and unfulfilled.

Navigating adult life and writing about what I learn. My focuses are personal development, relationships, parenting, and writing.

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