Happy couples don’t fight less than unhappy couples. They simply do conflict resolution and relationship repair better than unhappy couples.

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Conflict was not a thing in my home growing up. Not that it didn’t happen or that it wasn’t there. We just didn’t address it. I grew up in a very religious and very conservative household. And contention was “of the devil.”

If I ever saw my parents fight, it was usually a big explosion. This sounds like the opposite of a “contention-free” home, but I think these big arguments were the result of leaving smaller conflicts unresolved for too…

Being rejected can be difficult to navigate. But don’t let it reframe how you view yourself or your business.

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Let’s face it. The beginning stages of starting a business are never comfortable. You’re spending a lot of time and resources on your little business — time and money you probably don’t have. You’re really putting yourself out there, whether you’re cold calling or begging your social media followers to use your services or even making your own YouTube ads.

You’ve never felt so vulnerable or raw or exposed in your life.

And then the rejections start rolling in.

And it…

Boundaries? In a relationship? That doesn’t make sense. I love this person. And because I love them, there shouldn’t be any boundaries between us…right?

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Healthy relationships are created from strong connections, strong boundaries, and strong self-awareness. We tend to think strong connection with others stems from little to no boundaries. But this is not true.

Strong boundaries define the place where you end and I begin. They allow us to set expectations for how we should be treated. They allow us to hold others accountable if boundaries are crossed and we are mistreated.

We need strong self-awareness to recognize what…

Sleep is an essential part of living a healthy life.

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Sleep is one of the most important contributors to our physical and mental health. When we sleep, several important things happen. Our bodies recover from and repair physical stress. Our minds begin to sort the thoughts, experiences, and learning we did that day. Sleep is so essential, but often so neglected.

In college it seemed like I was invincible. I could pull all nighters. Or function with only 3 hours of sleep and a quick afternoon nap. But, when I had babies, that lifestyle was no longer possible.

After two…

What happiness has your lack of confidence kept you from?

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Most of our regrets in life stem from our lack of confidence. We didn’t ask that person out because we were afraid they’d say ‘no.’ Why would they want to date me anyway? We didn’t try out for the school play because we were afraid of making a fool of ourselves. What if I mess up? We didn’t ask for that promotion we wanted (and deserved) because we were afraid that we weren’t good enough. What if they don’t think I can do this job?

One personal regret I have…

New year, new you.

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After a rough year, you might be ready to shed your 2020 self and start fresh. And a simple way to start feeling like a new person is through new experiences.

Novelty is one of our deepest human yearnings. We resist the mundane and wish our lives could be more colorful. Novelty is so effective because it creates new feelings. These new feelings spark new thoughts. Your new thoughts lead to new behaviors. And new behaviors create a new life.

You may be at a place where you only need a little more novelty in your…

Your child’s resilience leads to better health, greater happiness, and deeper connections. Despite the challenges that life gives them.

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Life comes with challenges. And whether they are big or small, we want our kids to be resilient enough to overcome them.

Fortunately, as researcher Anne S. Masten points out, “resilience emerges from ordinary processes.” In other words, you don’t need some crazy formula or routine to raise resilient children. You start by helping your children develop these four key beliefs.

1. They Have Control Over Their Lives

Children who feel they have some control over their life are more resilient. They believe they have the power to…

Taking time to help your child emotionally regulate is investing in their future.

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One of the most important things you can give your child is the tools to cope with their negative emotions. Researchers have found that emotional intelligence (eq) is a better predictor of success than iq. Having control of your emotions helps you interact with others, overcome life’s challenges, and chase after your goals. So taking the time to help your child emotionally regulate is investing in their future.

But, this can be challenging. Emotions are overwhelming. And if you didn’t grow up with healthy emotional models in…

There is more to attraction than you might think.

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We haven’t been taught how to find and cultivate healthy relationships. There was no class in school and no prerequisites required to get in a relationship. We either fumble our way through it or model our relationship after patterns we saw in our families. But these patterns may not fit our needs. Or they may be unhealthy.

This article is going to help you understand four foundational principles for creating and nurturing a healthy relationship.

Ditch the Checklists

Growing up, I often sat through lessons in church about marriage. But there wasn’t much relationship…

You are your daughter’s biggest advocate.

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Life for your daughter can be confusing. She is constantly bombarded by marketing messages telling her to be thinner, sexier, and prettier. She’s trying to navigate the turbulent world of social media, puberty, relationships, bullying, and fitting in.

Your daughter will create her own interpretations of these messages and experiences. However, she doesn’t have the experience yet to put what’s happening around her into context. Without your help, she may develop some damaging beliefs about herself. These negative beliefs can lead to low self-esteem, low self-worth, depression, anxiety, and more.

She may turn to…

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