5 Ways Parents Can Build Their Child’s Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the mirror your child uses to view themselves and the map they use to navigate their world.

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1. Opportunities to Succeed

You can build your child’s confidence by giving them opportunities to succeed. These opportunities can be big or small. Your child just needs the chance to demonstrate their competence.

2. Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Stanford professor, Carol Dweck, describes two mindsets: growth mindset and fixed mindset. These mindsets affect the way we lead our lives.

3. Listen More

Take time to listen to your child. Giving them this space lets them know that they matter to you. Listening creates a secure attachment between you and your child. This security gives them confidence to try new things because they know they have a safe space at home.

4. Teach Shame-Free

Shame is the quickest way to erode your child’s self-esteem. It can leave deep, long-lasting emotional scars. Shame tells your child that they are not good enough and not worthy of love. It threatens their identity and how they view themselves. This is the opposite of self-esteem.

5. Self-Compassion

Your child also needs to learn how to be self-compassionate. Self-compassion is based on how you respond to your struggles. Simply put, self-compassion is being kind to yourself.


As a parent, you can nurture and grow your child’s self-esteem in a positive way. We want our children to have a positive evaluation of themselves. You can use these five tips to develop your child’s self-esteem. This gives them the confidence they need to navigate school, jobs, and their relationships now and in the future.

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