5 Things Your Daughter Needs to Hear

You are your daughter’s biggest advocate.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

1. “You Are Enough.”

One of the predominant messages your daughter hears is that she is not enough. She’s not pretty enough. Not smart enough. Not sexy enough. Not skinny enough. Not spiritual enough. Not sweet enough. Not nice enough. Not strong enough.

2. “You Belong Here.”

Families have their own culture. And that culture is established by the parents. And we all want to belong to our families.

3. “It’s Okay to Stand Up For Yourself.”

Girls are often discouraged from sticking up for themselves and their needs. They are taught to be nice and self-sacrificing. To nurture relationships. To take care of other people’s needs before their own. To be perfectionists and people-pleasers.

4. “Sexual Assault and/or Rape Is Not Your Fault.”

One of the most damaging narratives a girl hears is that it’s her fault if she experiences sexual assault or rape. As if these horrible experiences weren’t damaging enough. Being blamed for what someone else chose to do to her is wildly painful.

5. “Chase Your Dreams.”

From the day they were born, girls have been told what they can and cannot do. I honestly thought we were past this. I thought that the “girls can do anything” narrative was widely accepted. But I have still heard these “girls can’t…” comments from young boys to my preschool-aged daughter.

Conclusion: You Are Your Daughter’s Biggest Advocate

Being a girl is tough. But you can be your daughter’s biggest advocate. The messages she hears from you will shape how she views herself. You are the mirror she uses to see her worth.

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