4 Ways to Raise Resilient Kids

Photo by Gabriel Baranski on Unsplash

1. They Have Control Over Their Lives

Children who feel they have some control over their life are more resilient. They believe they have the power to shape their lives. Resilient children feel like masters of their own fate.

2. Their Efforts Improve Their Skills

When children believe they can grow and learn from failure, they are more resilient. Having a growth mindset will help your child face adversity.

3. They Matter

Children who feel they matter are more resilient in the face of adversity. This requires having others notice them, care about them, and rely on them. Children who don’t feel like they matter are more likely to have low self-esteem, experience depression, and have suicidal thoughts.

4. They Have Unique Strengths

Resilient children can rely on and share their unique strengths with others. Knowing their strengths helps them channel their energy into something positive. It can also lead them to healthy outlets when adversity strikes.

Conclusion: Resilience Has Long Lasting Effects

Helping your child develop these beliefs about themselves is key to navigating adversity. As you support your child, these beliefs can inspire action and create resilience. Your child’s resilience leads to better health, greater happiness, and deeper connections. Despite the challenges that life gives them.



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